Sunday, 27 April 2014

More on intuition

I didn't plan to write more about intuition but obviously there is a greater force at work which directed me this week!
A lot was written about it, many defined it, and I dare to say that everyone had an experience or encounter with it. Be it that unusual gut feeling when you are about to do something, sudden decision against all your previous plans or even knowing/feeling something is just not as it should be. However, the way we deal with it is another story.
What can we lose, what do we risk by letting it lead us? Is it taking us into the unknown, could it be better than we can possibly imagine? 
Actually, I find the answers to these questions irrelevant anyway. Mostly because things are not always what they seem to be, good or bad, right or wrong.

I was always a very intuitive person but it was just recently when I let "her" take the lead fully. "She" never took me a wrong place, never lost me, never disappointed me. 

However, letting it lead also means letting things happen to you that you would rather prevent, avoid; it involves letting yourself shrink a bit, not relying entirely on your mind; it is accepting yourself as a vulnerable being.

"At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself." Alan Alda

A few days ago it hit me! I know it is obvious but I realized the word itself "intuition" gives the answer! In-tuition - inner teacher, the wise man/woman in everyone of us! Walking my dog, I was thinking how easily we give up the wisdom that resides within. We acknowledge and accept people with skills, gifts, and abilities to teach us, heal us, or give us the answers. We empower them and humble ourselves or even worse, inflate our own knowledge and knowing and thus separate ourselves from others.

I guess it is good to remember we all have that same spark within, the very same teacher, sharing the same profound wisdom. Everyone's journey is different and everyone needs different tools and that's  why our inner teacher provides us with different teachings and opportunities. 


One night when I thought the way was definitely lost in darkness, I sat and cried in my bedroom. It was then when I first heard her talking to me. She used different words, words she knew I would understand and accept. She used the language I never had to learn, yet never really used before. A year later, out of all the twists and turns she took me to and guided me through, a book came to life, I got some answers and the imprint of joy in my life!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Be Here Now

~ First, you have to settle inside, before you do anywhere else. ~

Love yourself, love what you do, who you are and where you are right now! Easier said than done, of course!
Living from my mind, I tired to convince myself of the same truth over and over again. Little did I know the shift is needed to truly get it. Living from your heart!

What I got in return was the blissful state of contentment, peace (just moments but so worth it), and respect. And what happens when you let that shift happen is amazing: you get to know yourself for the first time (what a jouyous reunion, believe me!), you happen to witness miracles in your life, you heal your wounds and planet (without knowing it, but does that matter, anyway?).

To get there is not that difficult either, it just needs practice to reconnect with your heart. Everything you need is here right now, your heart.
It is a scientific fact that our heart creates an electromagnetic field stronger than our brain. The field connects us to what is around us. That connection is here, always, whether we decide to be aware of it or not.

Little practice that helps me everytime I need "heart-reality check":

  • Place your hand over your heart, close your eyes, and feel it for a minute.
  • Let go of your ways, control, manipulation and surrender. This doesn't mean to be passive. Do your very best in whatever it is you need to do right now. Let the journey unveil in front of you.
  • Practice gratitude daily. Give yourself one minute as you are waking up to awaken your senses and silence your mind. Feel the joy or peace that comes with such perception! We can learn incredible value of everything and endless opportunities for us to grow through such awareness.
On my journey so far, I have learned that we create the life we love by living it, not wanting it!
I have learned that to live and not create from your heart is not living at all!

The saddest think people tend to believe is that we are missing something in order to live fully. By missing something we deliberately overlook. By missing something we happen to do more harm than good, we risk losing the way of communication that is true for everyone and everything, we separate ourselves from the rest, we live as if we were blind and numb ourselves (that sounds too bad, doesn't it?).
Look inside yourself, you are a butterfly, a may bug, a Phoenix rising from your ashes. You are energy that, yes, is in constant change, hard to predict but also predestined for creation. Nothing is ever wasted in nature. You may live what you have created but your essence is untouched!
Go on, create again if it's needed!

~ energy stored for when the time is right is energy wasted. It is the energy that you left unnoticed and went on creating uncounsciously. ~

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Life over like

I decided to leave Facebook. Why?

There was no particular reason, it was just a feeling, the inspiration for a new adventure in my life.
Does it seem weird to you that I call leaving Facebook an adventure? I kind of think it is. 

As soon as I announced my decision on my wall there, I received way too many messages with more or less similar text "I will miss you!" or "take care and good luck". I know those people meant it well and their messages were honest but it got me thinking even more. 
I am not leaving anywhere! I am still going to wake up in the same bed, walk my dog same ways, go for a cup of coffee to my favorite place, and keep the same email address, blog and other ways of communicating. 

Facebook turned into "a country of (non)existence" for many. It has its own ways to distract, influence, and even manipulate us into what we wouldn't normally do. Yes, just like talking about politics, right? And above all, we are pushed to care to the extent of attention we get in return. 

Facebook gave me a lot (actually, No, people there gave me a lot) but now I choose love over like.

 ~ pay back to people who care with care,  look for quality over quantity, go for life you won't regret in the end (the life you would want to live all over again), live life to the fullest, explore the potential of love and honesty within yourself, question, embrace, change, discover and follow your calling, be happy without doubts and be unapologetically yourself ~