Sunday, 20 April 2014

Life over like

I decided to leave Facebook. Why?

There was no particular reason, it was just a feeling, the inspiration for a new adventure in my life.
Does it seem weird to you that I call leaving Facebook an adventure? I kind of think it is. 

As soon as I announced my decision on my wall there, I received way too many messages with more or less similar text "I will miss you!" or "take care and good luck". I know those people meant it well and their messages were honest but it got me thinking even more. 
I am not leaving anywhere! I am still going to wake up in the same bed, walk my dog same ways, go for a cup of coffee to my favorite place, and keep the same email address, blog and other ways of communicating. 

Facebook turned into "a country of (non)existence" for many. It has its own ways to distract, influence, and even manipulate us into what we wouldn't normally do. Yes, just like talking about politics, right? And above all, we are pushed to care to the extent of attention we get in return. 

Facebook gave me a lot (actually, No, people there gave me a lot) but now I choose love over like.

 ~ pay back to people who care with care,  look for quality over quantity, go for life you won't regret in the end (the life you would want to live all over again), live life to the fullest, explore the potential of love and honesty within yourself, question, embrace, change, discover and follow your calling, be happy without doubts and be unapologetically yourself ~


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