Sunday, 27 July 2014

On attachments

What was it that Jesus really meant when he said that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children? Surely he was not talking about the age of physical body, neither the amount of time we spent on earth.

Could it be that what he meant was degree to which we let our spirit live detached from the form we embody?

Attachments are a sure way to close the door to opportunities!
And just to make sure, there is a fundamental difference between the doors closed by the will of Higher power and those we close ourselves because we think we know better.

We attach to people, places, experiences, expectations as well as possibilities and results!
Attachments are thieves. They take our playfulness, spirit of curiosity and exploration, and inspiration for whatever it is we need to do with the time we chose here.

"Be open to everything and attached to nothing."

We all are spirits, living off the sense of freedom within a form we take. Knowing and experiencing that everyone of us is that freedom and not really a form which inevitably changes is living in the Kindgom of Heaven.

Attachments are everything that bounds our formless spirit to the form that is temporary and changing constantly. So how can we define ourselves, our hopes, and our life paths based on that which is visible to the world. 
Because as soon as the moment passes, if attached to it, our spirit experiences grief, loss, jealousy, emptiness, loneliness, disconnectedness...when it should feel gratitude, expansion, and contentment. 

Separation is not part of the deal with the Universe!

So far, I met two men in my life who left me feel more loved and less attached to that love at the same time, their approach nurtured the freedom of my spirit. And I met them both for only a day. They left, I left, and we all allowed the other to take what they needed without the need to hold on to it. Love is expansion! And leaving is part of that for us to realize it fully!

These days we call these realizations MIRACLES!

"Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.
Miracles are natural. When they don't occur something has gone wrong.
Miracles represent freedom from fears.

A miracle is never lost!"
A Course in Miracles

PS. personally, this is my greatest lesson so far and greatest joy to my spirit!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

On honesty

What is honesty? Speaking ... truth? A truth or the truth? Do I truly know the difference? 
Could it be that the honesty is living - speaking, thinking, acting - from the place of love

It is said that if you think, speak, and act from this place within, people are irresistibly drawn to you. It does not necessarily mean they like you or agree with you. Quite the opposite, honesty can have very sharp edges and cut right through the "flesh". Honesty, however, brings people together, heals, and liberates just as much.

The wrong idea we still carry about honesty is that it is all about telling one another "the truth", expressing our own opinions, being assertive when it comes to our own needs and expectations. Sure, it is a part of that but there is much more left unnoticed.

Honesty, the living from the place of love, knows no other destination than the heart of the other.  Honesty is uncovering, healing, and connecting...of hearts.

And it always starts with you! It is up to you to uncover what you have been hiding, to heal the pain and discomfort, to connect without the need to claim the connection from others. All that happens in your own heart and no one needs to know about that. You don't have to tell anyone, you don't have to explain anything or change anything you do on a daily basis. The change will follow most likely but it is not the initial step you need to take. Change will take care of itself!

It was the second day we didn't have to walk, Sunday, May 19th 2013, and we were staying at my friend's place in Santiago de Compostella. I knew I would be walking again on Monday. I told Peter that my "temple" is waiting for me by the ocean. I was also hoping I wouldn't have to walk there alone and yes, I wanted Peter to keep me company on my way. I felt comfortable with him and he still had something to teach me...

"I am all for honesty in relationships but there are times when you need to tell a white lie anyway." I told him when we had one of those lengthy philosophical discussions about life and stuff.
"Why would you need to tell a white lie?" He replied.
Until then I had my reasons, my experiences, and wounds that made me think that white lies are inevitable and even helpful from time to time. But now, I was not so sure anymore. In fact, I suddenly saw how an important lesson he had to teach me there.
"Whatever it is you have to say, when you have to say it, when you know it can hurt the other person, start with what's more important than anything else you are about to say. Start with I love you. It makes all the difference." He said finally. 

It makes all the difference!

Dr. Sue Johnson talks and writes about a reason people get divorced, the number one reason relationships don't last. She says that it is all about losing the connection and about that deep longing for the connection at the same time. We feel lonely in relationships way too often! 
We feel lonely because we are not honest with our own hearts and with others.

"You want to take me to a movie? I asked.
Well, not really," he said. "What I really want is for you to be my girlfriend. But I thought saying that might scare you off." 
Sarah Dessen - from the book What Happened to Goodbye

Sunday, 13 July 2014

On fear

Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.

Marianne Williamson

How could I write about fear without referring back to A Return to Love? The book about miracles, a beautiful reminder of a little shift in perception needed to experience heaven on Earth.

And that shift is made when we decide to live from the place of love instead of fear. 

Fear is a huge topic that I can't even aim to cover in one short post. And so is Love. Frankly, I wanted to write about love. Deep inside, I feel like writing about love every week as I sit down with my notes and ideas. And in a way I do write about it and its many many forms. I write about life.

What drives our fears, where do they come from and why do they stay with us for so long?

I used to be a very fearful person. Now, looking back, I believe it was all meant to be for me to learn a lot about love actually. I feared change, unknown, unexpected, uncomfortable. And one by one, I was given an opportunity to experience them all so that I could understand how weak excuse a fear is in the end. Fear indeed is just a mist blurring our vision but there is nothing really to it if you decide to walk through it.

Fear is all about separation, scarcity, inability. Separation from God, source, love and one another. Scarcity in what we need, want and desire. Our own inability to create the life we came here to experience and share. If we learn, remember, the oneness of all that is, abundance that is always present, and our own ability to love and be loved, we have no other choice but forgive those who hurt us, embrace what scares us, smile at the world as it is, and take the responsibility to do what we know we can without excuse or apology.

When you shift your attention from yourself to others with an open heart, you start noticing beautiful connections that exist at any moment of your life. 

...I keep thinking why we turned love into something we are ashamed to talk about, and even worse, express. Being able to perceive and give love in whatever form it can take became something that makes us feel small and weak. Isn't that the greatest courage after all?

Camino Called Life

So, here it is, I did end up writing about love after all. In fact, I am not sure one can understand and overcome fear without welcoming love in the process. I guess the greatest fear we hold is not seeing love for what it really is; oneness, abundance, ability to see ourselves (and let others see us) as we are. 

"Don't forget you can change anything you want! You are not what you have learned to be." said Manuel with the last hug and a gentle kiss on my cheek that morning. My eyes were filled with tears and my heart with love and hope. What he said that morning has stayed with me since then; the little insignificant act of love, the seed of change watered and slowly growing within. Camino Called Life

We learned to fear but that's not who we are! Life doesn't come with fear but it does come from love.

The only thing you regret in the end is falling for someone's definition of love instead of exploring its infinite potential. It is, not saying "I love you" to people who should have heard it from you. Camino Called Life

Monday, 7 July 2014

On feminine

I do not aspire to define feminine in one post. In fact, I am glad it is not even possible. 

Next week, with a full moon in Capricorn, I will be closing my "old year" and so it is a good time to look back, clean what's needed and fully embrace what was learned. 
Even if you are not a Capricorn, full moon is a beautiful time for anyone to celebrate the completion, fullness of life that manifests itself every month just to slowly disappear again. 

Any clearing is a decision we make. A decision on what to keep and what to let go of. 
Ideally it is not one or another. Let go of what no longer serves you, keeps you from moving forward, but also consciously choose something you want in your life more present and alive.

I chose femininity. 

There is a lot one can write about femininity, definitions, opinions and perspectives, but the fact is, it sure is a shadow work.

I don't even know how to share what I have learned about it myself but I will try anyway (as usual).

If you are a woman, try to think about the things I write here during the week, see if/how you can find them enriching, what the difference is between your inner intuitive understanding and "reality". And most of all, observe your own femininity, notice the beauty of all that comes with it.
And if you are a man...Well, try to see women for who they are instead of what they learned to be, forgot to be, chose to be for whatever reason. 

Without too much explanation (I don't want to spoil your own observation), here is what I learned about being feminine. And let me focus on just a few points today.

Feminine energy is passive.
Feminine energy is intuitive.
Feminine energy is receptive.

I am 31 but never before I heard the story of conception more beautiful than the one about a golden egg. It is the most natural and fascinating story of life and yet I missed one part of it every time I heard it. 

As a woman, your body produces one egg every month (not a million..."just in case to get there"). When the time is right (and it is not your mind in charge of that), it is released and travels down to your uterus where it "nests". What you nurture for a month is released yet it never leaves your body (as long as there is a potential, so again, why holding on to something what's not giving you life). It is your golden egg. It is your essence. For now. You were made to receive in the first place.

Yet too often, we give away the treasure recklessly, leaving ourselves depleted, feeling not enough, incomplete. 

If you seek wholeness outside, you only find guilt and disappointment.

Passive is not lazy. It is still. Passive is the bearer of peace.
Intuitive is not about randomness and chaos but deep knowing and trust.
Receptive is not selfish. It is understanding that what we keep from ourselves, we keep from others. 

Feminine and masculine are a little bit like black and white. Technically, they are not even colours. They both contain the full spectrum of colours (all that is needed for creation) and still seem so different. Life emerges from their union. Life meets them in between...

We need to let ourselves be who we are...
...And let men be men - active, analytical, and giving!