Monday, 21 April 2014

Be Here Now

~ First, you have to settle inside, before you do anywhere else. ~

Love yourself, love what you do, who you are and where you are right now! Easier said than done, of course!
Living from my mind, I tired to convince myself of the same truth over and over again. Little did I know the shift is needed to truly get it. Living from your heart!

What I got in return was the blissful state of contentment, peace (just moments but so worth it), and respect. And what happens when you let that shift happen is amazing: you get to know yourself for the first time (what a jouyous reunion, believe me!), you happen to witness miracles in your life, you heal your wounds and planet (without knowing it, but does that matter, anyway?).

To get there is not that difficult either, it just needs practice to reconnect with your heart. Everything you need is here right now, your heart.
It is a scientific fact that our heart creates an electromagnetic field stronger than our brain. The field connects us to what is around us. That connection is here, always, whether we decide to be aware of it or not.

Little practice that helps me everytime I need "heart-reality check":

  • Place your hand over your heart, close your eyes, and feel it for a minute.
  • Let go of your ways, control, manipulation and surrender. This doesn't mean to be passive. Do your very best in whatever it is you need to do right now. Let the journey unveil in front of you.
  • Practice gratitude daily. Give yourself one minute as you are waking up to awaken your senses and silence your mind. Feel the joy or peace that comes with such perception! We can learn incredible value of everything and endless opportunities for us to grow through such awareness.
On my journey so far, I have learned that we create the life we love by living it, not wanting it!
I have learned that to live and not create from your heart is not living at all!

The saddest think people tend to believe is that we are missing something in order to live fully. By missing something we deliberately overlook. By missing something we happen to do more harm than good, we risk losing the way of communication that is true for everyone and everything, we separate ourselves from the rest, we live as if we were blind and numb ourselves (that sounds too bad, doesn't it?).
Look inside yourself, you are a butterfly, a may bug, a Phoenix rising from your ashes. You are energy that, yes, is in constant change, hard to predict but also predestined for creation. Nothing is ever wasted in nature. You may live what you have created but your essence is untouched!
Go on, create again if it's needed!

~ energy stored for when the time is right is energy wasted. It is the energy that you left unnoticed and went on creating uncounsciously. ~

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