Monday, 7 July 2014

On feminine

I do not aspire to define feminine in one post. In fact, I am glad it is not even possible. 

Next week, with a full moon in Capricorn, I will be closing my "old year" and so it is a good time to look back, clean what's needed and fully embrace what was learned. 
Even if you are not a Capricorn, full moon is a beautiful time for anyone to celebrate the completion, fullness of life that manifests itself every month just to slowly disappear again. 

Any clearing is a decision we make. A decision on what to keep and what to let go of. 
Ideally it is not one or another. Let go of what no longer serves you, keeps you from moving forward, but also consciously choose something you want in your life more present and alive.

I chose femininity. 

There is a lot one can write about femininity, definitions, opinions and perspectives, but the fact is, it sure is a shadow work.

I don't even know how to share what I have learned about it myself but I will try anyway (as usual).

If you are a woman, try to think about the things I write here during the week, see if/how you can find them enriching, what the difference is between your inner intuitive understanding and "reality". And most of all, observe your own femininity, notice the beauty of all that comes with it.
And if you are a man...Well, try to see women for who they are instead of what they learned to be, forgot to be, chose to be for whatever reason. 

Without too much explanation (I don't want to spoil your own observation), here is what I learned about being feminine. And let me focus on just a few points today.

Feminine energy is passive.
Feminine energy is intuitive.
Feminine energy is receptive.

I am 31 but never before I heard the story of conception more beautiful than the one about a golden egg. It is the most natural and fascinating story of life and yet I missed one part of it every time I heard it. 

As a woman, your body produces one egg every month (not a million..."just in case to get there"). When the time is right (and it is not your mind in charge of that), it is released and travels down to your uterus where it "nests". What you nurture for a month is released yet it never leaves your body (as long as there is a potential, so again, why holding on to something what's not giving you life). It is your golden egg. It is your essence. For now. You were made to receive in the first place.

Yet too often, we give away the treasure recklessly, leaving ourselves depleted, feeling not enough, incomplete. 

If you seek wholeness outside, you only find guilt and disappointment.

Passive is not lazy. It is still. Passive is the bearer of peace.
Intuitive is not about randomness and chaos but deep knowing and trust.
Receptive is not selfish. It is understanding that what we keep from ourselves, we keep from others. 

Feminine and masculine are a little bit like black and white. Technically, they are not even colours. They both contain the full spectrum of colours (all that is needed for creation) and still seem so different. Life emerges from their union. Life meets them in between...

We need to let ourselves be who we are...
...And let men be men - active, analytical, and giving! 


  1. Dear Vladka, I have really enjoyed reading your reflections. You have a beautiful way with words. I have been meaning to tell you this for a while, but life caught up with me- and I allowed it to take over for a short time. The passivity of women is a joy- just to be, to breathe in the beauty around us, and to stop to reflect is such an important part of us. Much love. Sue

  2. Dear Sue, it is so good to hear from you here! Thank you for such a lovely comment. Hope life is treating you well! See you again sometime, somewhere ;-)