Sunday, 8 March 2015

On Diving in

"You see, Vladka, the truths are nothing unless you can apply them." He told me. He didn't even know all the details of what I was going through and yet, he totally nailed it! All that I had been working on for three years, I mastered. But I was the master of a theory and that's not enough, that's not why we came here in the first place. Mastering the theory is like remembering the truth but we came here to experience it, to choose it and be it! We know it all already anyway, just forgot it for a while.

"You don't manifest what you want, you manifest what you are." 

A whole lot has been written and said about the art of manifestation and creation. Steps are easy to find, easy to follow. Be clear, set the intention, feel it, believe it, chill...and finally?! Accept and choose your choice and creation! 
All that before, from being clear about your goal to letting it go, is actually just a theory even though it requires hard work. The beingness of it comes with willingness to accept your own creation, the choice to be it despite the opposition and despite your own past self.

Testing the waters is safe, it can give us confidence and partial experience but it can only serve us partially as well. Jumping in the water is a full experience, diving into it is a full experience and yes, it is risky. We totally risk getting what we wanted all the time! It is a difference between recognising the spark inside yourself and seeing it as a seed of God, and knowing yourself as God, it is a difference between seeking the love outside, and being the love with its infinite potential.

Strive for the truth! The same message again. I asked again and again what the truth I should be striving for is and I expected yet another piece of information to follow, a piece of universal wisdom or knowledge to memorize. 
The truth, however, goes beyond knowingness. It is in being, in choice and most importantly in a choice to accept, dive in, and be...transformed once again!

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