Sunday, 1 March 2015

On drawing the line

The beaches of North Norfolk are stunning! Wild and enchanting with cold, harsh winds blowing from the sea, playing with the tall grass in tune with the songs of birds nesting in the marshes! 
And at the same time, that same beauty is in a constant "danger" of slowly disappearing in the sea with every high tide that takes the sand and dunes away.
That's life though! And the proof that it is still alive, the world we live in, no matter how constant it may appear.

How often have I talked and written about the necessity to leave something behind in order to be able to reach out for something new. How often was I put in a situation where I needed to leave something behind, let go, and move on. And how often have I refused to burn the bridges just because...

...well, the truth I realized today is that I didn't burn the bridges in the past because I wanted a way back, just in case, an escape button for my life, maybe I wanted to be "a good girl" for everyone, for those I left behind as well as for all those I was just about to meet and greet in my life. 
I could say I was a chronic "people pleaser", a coward who hides behind a smile and friendliness even though my intention was just not to hurt anyone around. That intention was there always, that's how much I know for sure! 
However, what I forgot was the fact that it's not only dishonest but keeps me stuck and defined by my past.

It was on one of those beach walks when I thought about all that sand taken away. We grieve for it being taken away and we even try to stop that but there is a new island somewhere else being formed at the same time! 
Nothing in the nature disappears! And nothing is the same as it was before so why do we keep defining ourselves by who we were in the past?!

A wise elder lady told me today that I can't have love I desire and fear it at the same time.
I simply have to choose one! I have to choose one and act accordingly. 

"Make up your mind", she said, with a gentle smile on her face and firmness in her voice! She was clear about that, there was nothing to discuss.

So what do you choose when you finally face your dream, when you are no longer settling for less than you deserve? Are you willing to burn the bridges with the past, close the doors behind painful experiences, and forget the image you had about yourself in the past?! What is the real price you would have to pay? What is the worst thing that could happen? What is the best thing that could happen? 

What would love do now? 

There comes a moment when being ready is simply not enough any more, a step forward has to be taken! A step forward, leaving the bridges and doors behind! Have faith, there was a new island being formed for you all along the way, you just need to leave the beach behind.

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