Monday, 9 June 2014

On playfulness

Playfulness is dangerous!
There is always a danger of something coming out of it. But what a wonderful thing it is, isn't it?!

What I mean to write about this week is attitude rather than behavior as such. Playfulness and lightness in the heart and mind. A couple of weeks ago, I followed the nudge, trusted my intuition and acted upon the promise of joy. Circumstances haven't changed but I have!

"A grownup is a child with layers on." ~Woody Harrelson

So let me share some of my observations and discoveries on playfulness. 
It is the foundation of all creation. Actually, we can create based on what is not coming from our heart but do we really want that? I see playfulness as a gateway to our hearts or a gatekeeper we need to befriend before we enter. And then, once we get inside, everything we ever wished for or imagined (im)possible is there.

I got that part quickly. I understood the importance of such attitude. However, something was missing when I tried to apply it in my life. 
And this week, I finally found out what it was that I overlooked. 

1. Playfulness reminds us of our own potential - playfulness is like a seed planted in the soil of curiosity. Love and action are essential for it to grow. Imagine yourself for a moment, how do you act when you get curious about something? What is your attitude about it? For me, love is central at that point as well as an active participation from my side to find out more, to indulge more in it, to experience it fully. To cultivate your playfulness, whatever it is you have to do today, invite love in your attitude. Or, whatever it is you feel love for now, show your participation somehow.

2. Playfulness restores the balance - the previous point on love and  action sort of says it all but let me add something to it. Over a year ago, I became really passionate and curious about reclaiming my femininity. I read everything I found on the topic, talked to other women on the same path, practiced my own rituals until that sleeping beauty within me finally woke up. What a long and strange journey it's been! And then, suddenly, as the initial excitement faded away and I became accustomed to that "new" part of myself, all kinds of sad and melancholic feelings emerged. No one had warned me that feeling this way is just  another side of feminine principle. Yes, being truly feminine comes with a certain amount of passivity, melancholy, sensitivity and even sadness at times. 
In my pursuit of sacred feminine, I completely neglected masculine principle. The principle which manifests as action, fire, enthusiasm. If feminine is all that stands for love, then masculine is here to teach us about the action. And we certainly need them both to live the life fully.
As for women, embracing masculine does not necessarily mean acting like a man. Let me give you an example I found very useful to understand it better. Look at the women of Bible! There is Mary and Mary. And they are both very close to Jesus. One is a mother, madonna, virgin. The other one is all but saint in the eyes of society. She is loud, active, in the front. Every woman is partly madonna and partly dancer! Living from heart, however, we can restore the balance within; bring forth the best of both.
Where are you on this scale? Are you comfortable enough to take from both? 

3. Playfulness itself is a lesson - the last thing I would like to say about playfulness is that being playful in your attitude, approach, or even while examining the experience you earn throughout the life is the lesson itself. Playfulness should never be attached to results! It is this "condition" that gives it its freedom and power at the same time. Expecting an outcome after being playful robs us of the opportunity to learn the life lesson beyond anything we could ever expect in the first place. It is not about keeping a happy face at all times. It is, however, about the smile/spark/spirit we carry inside, in good times and in bad times, that reminds us who we are and why we are here. Love.

Is there a smile in your heart now?  A smile that maybe spreads even across your face gently? I thought it could! 


  1. For some reason, the type of playfulness you refer to reminds me of the Dalai Lama. I see his smile, the light in his eye, and at the same time a look of benevolent respect for all things … yes, to playfulness. Nice post. Thanks.

    1. What a beautiful insight! Thank YOU so much! And thanks for reading this article again. I really appreciate it! Love and light!

  2. Nice post Vladka!
    I'm curious about "reclaiming my femininity", I feel both Marys revolting inside and sometimes one of them becoming stronger than the other. I can also recognise my personal element of playfulness, but sometimes I wonder if this being playful has stolen a part of my femininity. Or I am on that stage of enjoying the freedom to be playful and then I might find the balance. I don't know, but reading you makes me feel so good. And lovely association siffmares!

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I have been thinking about your comment for a couple of days, what to write. I think you don't need to worry about the nature of your state when it comes to femininity. Feminine principle is cyclical which means we, women, change over time and monthly. This applies to moods, behavior and even the level of playfulness. If you are interested to know more and in detail about the cycle and the power of its phases, I recommend reading Red Moon by Miranda Gray.
      But I would love to leave you here feeling reassured! ;) go with the feeling you have now, if it is playfulness, great!


      Ps. I might actually write about femininity in future.