Saturday, 10 January 2015

On Giving

Give and then give more, and more. Give like a passionate addict, an addict to the process of filling the world with love! Like you can never get enough of giving from the well that has no bottom. 

I started this year with one of my creative projects, painting. When I paint, I never know what the result will be. I just start and paint until it's done. I don't leave the paintings unfinished and I always give it a freedom to unveil its essence in front of my eyes. It is, by far, the most intense prayer and mediation I can experience. The energy stored inside is released and transformed into something beautiful. And I let the form create itself!
It was no different this time. 
The evening fell on the city and covered it with its quietness and stillness, fluffy snowflakes gently falling down on the frozen ground, and I took out my paints and brushes from the old wooden box. The light of a candle lit the room and I could safely dive into the waters of colors and emotions. The dog was snoring tugged in my bed and peace filled my mind and heart. I was ready to start.

Why is giving so important, why does it matter so much?! Well, because in giving the ultimate creation lies. There is no other way, no shortcut to a conscious and beautiful world than through giving.

Giving is a key to forgiving. Forgiving is a way to compassion and that's where a Christ-like consciousness is born!

Dr. Wayne Dyer said that the highest purpose is about giving yourself unconditionally and accepting what comes back with love even if what comes back is not what you had anticipated.

A couple hours later my painting was finished. The story of a starry night somewhere up in the mountains, late summer, and a house standing there all alone...filled with light.
I was looking at it and saw my dream come true right there in front of me. The Home of Light was born in my heart, manifested in reality, and I couldn't wait to put it up on one of my walls.
But it was not meant to be my home only!

Neale Donald Walsch says again and again Be the Source, give that which you want to have.
I took a photo of my painting and as usual, shared it with my good friend. Few moments later he replied asking me to take a better photo so that he can print it out and put on his wall. He loved it and I knew at that moment why I was painting it in the first place! 
I really wanted to keep it but at that moment I knew giving it away would make me even happier. I don't need to keep it, it came from within me, that Home of Light was always in my heart, I just wanted to see it for a while and now it will travel to where it is needed more.
Now, it will travel to where it was needed from the very beginning.

Just your honest intention to give is enough! The right people and situations will come to your life immediately, people and situations in which exactly that which you are able to give is needed. Maybe you don't know now what it is you can give, maybe you even think you don't have enough but the truth is there is always something we have what someone else needs, be it a smile, kind words, a flower, right book, appreciation, silent prayer, acceptance, understanding, money to get by or a free ticket to the museum.
Just your intention to give is enough, then all you need to do is act upon any intuitive impulse you have that has a potential to make someone happy. You will be guided, trust the process!

Try it, meet and greet everyone with some sort of a gift, try it for a day and see how rich that little shift makes you feel. Start your week in the grand manner.

And I shouldn't forget to mention one more thing, don't expect gratitude, acknowledgment, recognition or anything in return.
Giving and receiving are inseparable so be open to receive and rest assured there will be plenty but don't limit the divine by setting up your expectations on what it is you are open to receive. Detachment is the result of abundance consciousness!

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