Saturday, 31 January 2015

On paradox

Do you have a bad day, feel frustrated, fed up or hopeless? Try this, feel good and watch what happens!
I think it is so important I even put it on a card I carry in my bag wherever I go.

How to do that? How to simply feel good? I suggest just stop doing whatever you are as it obviously does not help. Stop and do anything, anything else that would change the way you feel! Don't be too selective, don't overanalyze, just do something else and focus on that for a while.

And try this also when you are frantically looking for something you have lost, longing for something you desire, or trying to let go of something you don't want anymore in your life.

In one of my favorite films there is a scene where one of the characters explains her desire to find a ladybug as a child. Maybe you have seen the film, Under the Tuscan Sun. After a while she was so tired she just gave up and fell asleep in the grass. And when she woke up, ladybugs were crawling all over her!

To get what you want you might need to give up first!

The ladybug landed on my hand this week! It is winter, cold and freezing almost every day but somehow someway she made it to remind me of the scene, she reminded me to stop obsessing over what I want most! 
Oh and I know how difficult it is to break that pattern, to stop the tape in your mind, to let go of your control.

Because that's it, exactly, let go of your control! You can't truly let go unless you admit there is a higher power taking care of it all on your behalf when you can't see the way out from your limited perspective, missing the bigger picture.

This week I learned something new as well! I found out that similar "approach" is also a popular practice among the Buddhist monks. It is called Koan. It can be a story, a statement, or a question that can't be understood logically. 
Gretchen Rubin gives several great examples of koans on her blog, examples that are not necessarily of Zen origin but serve the same purpose.
And why do I mention koans in my post on a paradox? Well, isn't it all about a paradox that defies the logic and yet we all somehow suspect the grain of truth hides inside (or shall I say a pearl of truth?)? 
Isn't the Divine timing perfect after all to teach me about koans on the day I decided to write about a paradox, during the week I struggled with my obsessive way finding and problem solving?

So once again, feel good and watch what happens, especially when you feel like shit! Yes, so bad! It goes against the logic and that's the point after all!

And if you feel like you might use some other "koans" to unplug, try to meditate over one of these. There is no particular order or importance. Just pick one that speaks to you when you are stuck and give it your attention for a while...and watch what happens!

Let go of what you desire most

You don't manifest what you want, you manifest what you are

Give that which you lack

Want what you have and you will have what you want

In my weakness my strength lies 

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