Sunday, 26 October 2014

On prayer

"Let us, when moving with the music, become the music..."

Prayer is more than words. In fact, prayer does not need any words at all. A wordless gratitude comes closest to it. On the hardest of my days, I go out or take my dog to the forest. And I go, deep enough, to find space and silence within and around me. I go, deep enough, to hear my own wordless prayer. On the hardest of my days, I understand this silent prayer because there is nothing left I could ask for, desire or put in words. On the hardest of my days, I am grateful because I know I did and do my best, because I know it's all for good.

"Let us live deep enough, till there is only one direction..."

As a pilgrim, you fear most the big cities. The big cities where the sounds and lights around can easily distract you and sway you off your path. Prayer is then a practice you worked hard on in the wilderness, you remembered, brought out from within to take you farther into the wild again.

"Let us embrace the unexpected moment of unity..."

In a prayer there is knowing, understanding that might break your plans and structure but inevitably takes you where you need to go. Prayer is a companion there. You can surrender and feel your feet on the path again. Don't struggle!

"Let us have courage to hold each other when we break and worship what unfolds..."

Prayer is also in your eyes, your acts, and words. Not the words you address to God or universe but in the words you address to each other, the seeds of the very same God. Sometimes it's just about being nice, polite, respectful. But that's not where it ends. Sometimes you become the prayer you had once, the prayer others asked for. And sometimes, in the moment of pain, when something precious breaks, one soul reaching for another awakens the love.

"and let us live loud enough in our hearts till there is no need to speak."

How is it you don't need the words to prayer at all?! Desires and needs might not fade away at all but among that all, your heart grew so big that it is all-encompassing, it feels the whole world (small or big, world of your room becomes the world of the whole universe). And you feel something you can't describe through words. You feel...

(Quotes used from the Earth Prayer by Mark Nepo)

Feeling is a prayer!

"Ask without hidden motive
and be surrounded by your answer.

Be enveloped by what you desire.

Ask and you receive and your joy is complete."
                                    The gospel of John

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