Sunday, 16 November 2014

On heart

                                  "The heart is a candle longing to be lit." Rumi

More than a blood pump, more than just an organ, the heart is a bridge. The bridge between two worlds, connecting mind and matter, wisdom from our home above and love from our home here, Earth. 
In that sense, living from the heart is living from the very centre of who we are as human beings, beings carrying the divine light, finding their way in the darkness of limitations.

The question is not whether we have that light within, the question is how we can walk in it and what it truly means for us and others.

Let's stay with the image of a bridge for a while. What meets there, in the heart, is of different nature obviously. However, at one point, one merges into another like rivers do when they reach the ocean. Something new is created and it holds qualities of both for a while. The key then is to keep it balanced, in harmony.

Imagination, intuition, inspiration, and intellect meet emotions, needs, desires, and instincts in the heart.

The world of the higher three chakras meets the world of the lower three chakras in the heart.
One without the other can't create and one is neither superior nor inferior to the other.

We were sitting on the top of the hill overlooking the sleepy water dam. The grass was dry and golden as were all the leaves in the woods we passed on the way there. It was one of the last warm autumn moments before the coming of gray and cold days. But that day, it was still warm enough to stay there, outside, taking in the smells and colours of the country around and below us. Our breaths were one with the stillness of the water and leaves fallen recently. "It could easily be enough to learn only about love for the rest of your life." I said. "It might take more than a lifetime though." He replied. "Maybe even one thousand lifetimes. I take it!" I added and we smiled. We saw one face of love in each other yet decided to open up to all those others there could be.
And the air was still filled with the scent of myrrh burning in his little coal holder.

There are as many ways to your heart as rays of the sun. Be curious and never cease to find your way and light. Sometimes, some steps might be just as easy as taking in what was there for us on that hill.

Here is what I find useful on my way...
Meditation, a practice of focus, concentration, and close examination of what is (be it a thought or an emotion). 
Mindfulness, a practice of awareness, being present wherever you are and in whatever you are doing. Showing up authentic helps as well!
Love, being a lifelong student of love. The love that turns into an endless source of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration, understanding of who you are and why you are here, the force of life.

"The only thing you regret in the end is falling for someone's definition of love instead of exploring its infinite potential. " Camino Called Life

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