Sunday, 30 November 2014

On hope

I start feeding the birds as soon as the leaves fall down and leave the branches bare and unwelcoming. It is a part of my morning routine. I feed my birds; birds that don't belong to me but somehow, I feel like I might belong with them at times.
This week however, for the first time, one flew in. I left the balcony door open and suddenly there he was, in my living room. Scared and hurt as he banged into the window trying to escape the unknown. I quickly opened the window and let him out. 

What is the difference between hope and faith? 
Faith is what we have now and hope looks to the future. I like that! I might like it more than other explanations I came across even though I still feel a bit lost trying to define it myself. But hey, here is my story for today.

The bird finally got out and quickly landed on the branch near my window. He was alive, that was good. He made it there but what now? I was not sure he is alright and able to fly. I was worried he might be lost on the other side of this little world he lived in. He was there but didn't move at all.

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light." Isaiah 9:2

Hope is a desire for something good in the future but at the same time it is the reason why it comes to pass. This is where hope and faith overlap.

As joy is the most potent form of love, hope could easily be seen as the most resilient form of love. It teaches us how to resist adversity and won't let us give up on faith we need with every step we take forward.

I couldn't let him go, I had faith in him. I knew he would make it. I also knew how stressful it must have been for him but I had faith. I patiently waited for him to move. I was there standing by the window for almost half an hour.
And suddenly, he jumped on the branch little higher than the one we was on. He jumped, he spread his wings for a little while but he did. And, dear God, my heart jumped with him! This is it! I am his God. If this is how God feels with our courage to take a leap of faith, to move forward no matter how slowly, just to try; if this is how He feels, then this joy is what nourishes our souls, what gives us strength beyond our imagination. 
I had faith in that little bird and hoped he would benefit from his journey into the unknown, from his newly acquired strength and experience.

"There is a hope that burns within my heart, a glimpse of glory and Christ in me."
Hope may provide the path but faith is our compass to walk it.
Hope does anchor the soul (Hebrews 6:19) but the ships are not built to stay in harbors. Faith needs to be fulfilled in a deed, a step we take.

Taking a step forward is faith, the unknown we step into is hope.

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